Early stage of the surface modeling of the t-Spline body and the fundamental algorithm used to create the structure.


Rietveld Red Blue chair LEGO

Instruction Manual
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Spincy is the result of messing around with t-splines for awhile. I had this Idea of an alien ship that landed at the pole. They have advance organic technologies but over time the organ-tech broke down and it left the skeleton of the ship. All in all, a fun little exercise in sculpting and rendering.


Some doodles sketches and sculpting in Fusion 360

Boolip started when I asked Ingeborg what I should do for this  one hour challenge. She said: "create a watering can". I asked her to choose a material she liked and a material she hated. She chose Bamboo and the dull stainless steel from the kitchen sink.

I went to work and after about 15 minutes I had the "Ring-Bowl" idea.

When I start to sculpt in CAD, the designing starts to happen. Most of the time I use the fantastic Fusion 360 software from Autodesk, but originally I started out with SolidWorks.

Boolip grew (no pun intended) into a stainless steel tulip shape with this feminine bottom which allows it to sit nicely balanced when its not being used. The bamboo 'ring', inspired by Japanese fountains, has two nozzles and lets carry it without being front-heavy. You can easily tilt it to deliver water.