my first product

The most exiting part for me is creating a physical object based on  the vision you have. After numerous cardboard models, drawings and a few weeks of waiting for a spot to use the laser-cutter, I finally went bananas with the laser-cutter and made the first prototypes.

A lot of work went into the detailing of the carving pattern, finding out how to bend a material which is not suppose to bend and searching for the balance between enough material for the wood not to break, but thin enough for it to bend.

Tami was at the time, when I was 19, a testament of all the creative pressure I had build up before I started to study design and all the things I have learned from Bob Dylan. Now look again, and think about a Dylan song. This lamp has sharp edges and smooth curves like Bob's voice. The square 2D borders break free from its dimension and delve deep to reveal a complex 3D structure, like Bob's songs where the sounds are so vivid you can visualize it in your mind. Most importantly, it simplifies all the essential parts into one coherent object, as was Bob's early work with only his voice harmonica and guitar. I just want to say thank you Bob Dylan for being a major inspiration and influence since I was 15 and still continue to be so.